Here comes the sun

Well it seems like 5 minutes since we wrote our last Blog post, but we see over a month has slipped by.  But we haven’t been idle in that time.  We’ve been spending many productive hours finishing off all of the suites and are now ready to open in the first week of June.


The surrounding villages and towns certainly haven’t been idle either – every weekend there are a myriad of fetes, open days, flower shows and cultural events.  And the markets are back in full swing with delicious local crops of asparagus, strawberries and old variety tomatoes being sold at what, to us, seem ridiculously low prices.  In the next fortnight cherries will be everywhere, with the trees in our hamlet looking ready to yield a bumper crop – we’re hoping to find the time to make some cherry jam for the breakfast table.


As we approach the summer solstice, the nights are becoming beautifully warm and it’s wonderful to sit outside and enjoy the evening sun with a glass or two of local Rose or Sauvignon blanc.  Ahh, la vie en France, c’est magnifique!